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Plia Anda- Black

Plia Anda- Black

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Designed with a laid-back attitude in mind, Plia Anda is characterized by a flatform sole that is designed to give height without sacrificing comfort. Its wide and puffy straps made with sheep nappa add to the contemporary vibe while hugging the foot softly.

The Black version is presented in a color combination that is not common to see. Black and Brown create the perfect bond in this slide flatform.

Inspired by chunky traditional wooden clogs, the first step in conception was to carve out blocks of materials, making a lightweight, flexible, modern, yet voluminous, base, that was later produced in foam rubber, offering extreme lightness and high resistance.

Its distinctive texture is inspired by nature; dandelion heads, mushroom gills, or cracks on tree bark, elements that display weightlessness and loose structure in its buoyant form.  

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